Family Faith at Home

This fall we are growing in faith at home, with our new Faith at Home kits. We are learning ways to pray, share Bible stories, and enjoy Godly Play at home, as we create and tell stories ourselves.

February 21 – Lent 1: The Faces of Easter

It’s the first Sunday in Lent, the time when we get ready for the Mystery of Easter. For six weeks, we will be sharing stories about Jesus, and using the pictures you have in your Faith at Home kit. You can use the videos we post here as an example for how to tell the story with your own family. Today Meagan shows us how she told it at home (with some help from Bethan!) For more on Lent faith at home, including a Bible story to read, and links to more ideas in a “Lent Garden,” check out our Lent at Home page.

February 14 – A Very Big Problem

Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s a great day to celebrate LOVE. And since some of you are helping LOVE creation and care for birds during our Great Backyard Bird Count, it’s good day to reflect on God’s LOVE for all creation. Enjoy this story, then wonder together: I wonder if you have ever felt like things were not fair? I wonder what part of creation you LOVE the most? I wonder how you can care for creation today?

February 7 – A Great Cloud of Witnesses

Today Jeremy tells us about how we are connected with one another and with people long ago by God’s love. He helps us think about ways we encourage each other in and outside the church. How can you encourage someone else today?

January 31 – Love

Our word for the day is LOVE! Such a big concept, especially when we are talking about God’s love. Some of you helped me explain a little bit of what God’s love is like. Watch the video, then talk as a family: what is God’s love like for you? How do you recognize love? Who else shows you love? And who can you show love to today?

January 24 – Hope

Today Pastor Meagan helps us understand hope. She’ll explain how hope is like an anchor, an ancient Christian symbol. And she’ll even teach us how to draw one! I wonder how you would draw hope?

January 17 – Rest

Today we think together about what it means to Rest. Watch the video together as a family. Where do you go, or what do you do to rest, and to remember God’s good gifts?

January 10 – Baptism of the Lord – Water

This Sunday, Pastor Meagan wades into some water to tell us about the baptism of Jesus. Watch the video and then wonder together with your family.

January 3 – Epiphany Sunday

Here’s an Epiphany video for you and your family to consider together as we celebrate the wise ones following the star to share their gifts with the Christ child.

December 27 – The First Sunday of Christmas

Merry Christmas! May you continue to enjoy the blessings of the birth of the Christ Child this year. Enjoy this video and wondering questions from the Godly Play Foundation, as we come close to the mystery of Christmas.

December 20 – The Fourth Sunday in Advent

Our journey to Bethlehem today reminds us of Mary and Joseph, and the overwhelming task they had been given. But God was with them! I wonder how you remember that God is with you when things seem overwhelming?

December 13 – The Third Sunday in Advent

This week we continue our journey to Bethlehem as we remember the shepherds. I wonder if you have ever seen or heard something amazing, and were frightened at first?

December 6 – The Second Sunday in Advent

This week, Meagan tells the second part of our journey to Bethlehem, as we remember Elizabeth and Zechariah. She shows us how to add some simple things from around the house to help tell the story. I wonder if you have ever felt forgotten like Elizabeth and Zechariah?

November 29 – The First Sunday in Advent

Over the next four weeks we will take a journey to Bethlehem together, as we wait and wonder and hope with some of the characters in the story of Christmas. Here’s the first story. If you like, you can follow along with your own materials in your Advent Faith at Home kit (which you can pick up at the church from 12:30 – 2 pm!)

November 22 – The Beatitudes – Complete Story

Here’s the full story of the Beatitudes, and some wondering questions for you. Mark your calendar for next Sunday the 29th, from 12:30-2 pm for our Advent Faith at Home Drive-Thru Pick-Up Party!

  • I wonder what it’s like to be blessed by God?
  • I wonder if you know anyone who is a peacemaker, or who is persecuted for following Jesus?
  • I wonder what is the hardest part about following Jesus?
  • I wonder what is the best part about following Jesus?
  • I wonder where you are in this story? Or where you would like to be?
  • I wonder how you can bless someone else and show God’s mercy?

November 15 – The Beatitudes Part 2

Here’s Part 2 of our story!

November 8 – The Beatitudes Part 1

Before you begin, find the instructions for the beatitudes story in your faith at home kit, or download them here. You will need to do a little cutting of materials, and find a couple of items at home or outside. We’ll tell parts 2 and 3 in the next 2 weeks. Let’s enjoy learning more about God’s kingdom together!

November 1 – What’s in the November Faith at Home Kit?

October 25 – A Baptism!

Today we celebrate a baptism in worship. Children will have a chance to welcome Marcus, and promise to help teach him about Jesus. In our worship recording, Jeremy teaches us all a song about how we belong to God. Find the livestream here to learn the song, and worship with us. You can also enjoy the Godly Play story about baptism, below. Afterwards, talk together as a family about your baptism.

October 18 – The Glory of God

We are almost at the end of the story of Moses. Today we hear about Moses talking with God, and catching a glimpse of God’s goodness and glory. Explore this story with the materials in your Faith at Home kit. Here’s a copy of the script, and the wondering questions, so you can tell it yourself.

October 11 – The Ten Commandments

This week we continue the story of Moses with the giving of the Ten Commandments. Check your email or click here for suggestions for where to find this story in your Story Bible, and a way to pray. You can also print out a template to make some tablet and heart shapes, to add to your Godly Play story of Moses. Here is a version of the story.

You can also find a longer version of the Godly Play story The Ten Best Ways and watch it here. What can you add to your story materials to tell it like this?

Here are some wondering questions.

  • I wonder if any of these commandments are more important than the others?
  • I wonder which one is most important to you?
  • I wonder which one is hardest to follow?
  • I wonder how the people of God remember these ten best ways to live?
  • I wonder how your family remembers them?

October 4 – Bread from Heaven

Today we celebrate our church retreat, and also Communion in worship. We will continue to talk about Moses for a few more weeks. Use your Moses story supplies, and an added small table, bread and juice, to make a connection between God’s gift of manna and the gift of the meal Jesus gave us – both are bread from heaven for us.

September 27 – The Story of Moses 4 – Water from a Rock

Before you tell the story, find a rock outside to use. Let’s see what happens next to Moses and the people of God…..

Here are some wondering questions

  • I wonder what happens next to Moses and the people of God?
  • I wonder if you have ever felt thirsty like the people of God did? Tell some family stories about times of thirst.
  • I wonder what Moses thought would happen when he hit the rock?
  • I wonder if the people found something else to complain about after they had enough to drink?
  • I wonder how you can remember to give God thanks for water?

Can you help us with a brief survey about our Faith at Home kits, so we can use them well in the future? Click here: Faith at Home Kit Survey

September 20 – The Story of Moses 3 – Manna and Quail

Before you tell the story, use the Model Magic in your kit to make two small quail and a container for manna. You will add these to the story of Moses. Meagan tells our story today in the children’s time of our brief worship service below. (It starts at 1:17)

Here are some wondering questions.

  • I wonder what happens next to Moses and the people of God?
  • I wonder if you have ever felt hungry and complaining like the people of God did?
  • Tell some family stories about times of complaining.
  • I wonder how the people felt when they saw the quail?
  • I wonder if you have ever tasted something like manna?
  • I wonder how the people remembered that God would provide enough for every day?
  • I wonder how you remember that God provides food to eat?

Enjoy playing with the story of Moses. Let your child’s imagination explore where they are in the story!

September 13 – The Story of Moses 2: Through the Water

Watch the second part of the story of Moses.

Here are some instructions to play with the story at home, using the materials in your Faith at Home kit!.

September 6 – The Story of Moses 1: From a Baby to Passover

Here are some wondering questions. You can add your own. Use them to talk together as a family about the story.

  • I wonder what happens next for Moses and the people of God?
  • I wonder what it was like for Moses here (plagues and darkness/staff)….and here (burning bush)….and here (basket on the Nile)…?
  • Does this story of Moses remind you of any family baby stories? Tell some together.
  • I wonder how Moses knew to trust God?
  • I wonder how you know to trust God?

See what’s in the September kit so you can make and tell The Story of Moses at home!

Setting up a Godly Play space in your home.

Caitlin Johnson, with help from Claire and Isla, explains how to create a simple space in your own home to join us in Godly Play.